Calculators and Interactive


Retirement Paycheck Calculator

Are you on track or falling short of your retirement income needs? Find out what your potential retirement paycheck could look like based on your current contributions, savings, and other factors.


Retirement Savings Calculator

Estimate how many years your current savings could last in retirement, and find out how much additional savings you may need to accumulate to avoid running out of money.


Retirement Income Calculator

Use the Retirement Income Calculator to estimate your monthly income in retirement based on your current savings and annual contributions, or find out what your income might be if you increase your savings rate before retirement.


401(k) Calculator

As pilots are facing furloughs, loss of income, displacement, and potentially early retirement, many have questions about what these changes in their career and the decisions they make today could mean for their financial future. Use the 401(k) Calculator to see how these scenarios might affect your financial future.


Money Personality Assessment

Discover how you (and your partner) think about money and investing, and learn why understanding this impacts your overall satisfaction and chances of long-term success.

Discover Your Money Personality

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your yearly RMDs over the course of your life expectancy, and find out how much you may need to distribute from your retirement accounts each year to satisfy regulations.


Economic Recovery Calculator

Even a very large investment loss can be recouped if you are able to leave your money invested and begin adding new money. This calculator helps you determine what it might take to regroup, rebuild and re-grow after such an investment loss.


Worksheets and Checklists


Budgeting Worksheet

Download the budgeting worksheet to help you keep track of your family’s budget for over 75 items, including some you may not have considered.


Financial Planning Checklist

Learn what actions you need to take to build a comprehensive plan and prepare for your financial future.




From the Right Seat to the Left Seat

This booklet outlines important considerations for new Captains and some tips to help ease your transition to the Captain’s seat.

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Finding a Copilot: Pilot Preferences on Paid Financial Advice

Download our study on when and where pilots receive financial advice to find out how your decisions compare to your colleagues’.


Planning Ahead Organizer

A guide to help you, your spouse, and family plan for the transition of running your household should one of you become incapacitated or pass away.

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From the Left Seat to the Back Seat

This booklet outlines nine issues that pilots and their spouses often encounter in the retirement process and some helpful tips to ease the adjustment.

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Final Approach Retirement Planning Guide

This guide is designed to help you understand the decisions you will need to make as you approach retirement and the factors that go into a comprehensive retirement plan.

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Survivor Handbook

Our Survivor Handbook was designed to assist you during one of the most challenging times you may face after the passing of a loved one.

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