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Ongoing Financial Planning Services

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Financial Planning

Would you take off on a trip without first having a plan? Hopefully, the answer is “no.”

Your financial life is no different. To get to where you want to go financially, whether it be to help your children finance college, buy the home of your dreams, or maintain your current lifestyle in retirement, you need to have a plan for how you will reach those goals.

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Investment Management

If you are like many other investors, one of your most significant concerns may be falling short of your financial goals. RAA offers professional investment management services to help you reach those goals over the course of your life and career.

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Airline and Military Benefits Guidance

The benefits you receive from your company, the union, or the military play an important role in your overall financial picture. These benefits can have a significant effect on your life both while you are working and saving for retirement, and after you have made your final final approach.

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Estate Planning

It’s a common misconception that only the elderly or the very wealthy need an estate plan. The reality is, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. While nobody likes to think about a future without them in it, it’s important to proactively create a plan for your estate to not only direct the distribution of your assets, but also to protect your family, should something unexpected happen.1

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1RAA is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.

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Survivor and Incapacitation Assistance

Your advisor should offer more than just investment advice, and this involves assisting with some of life’s most difficult moments.

The loss of a spouse or a parent can be an incredibly trying thing to face, and the grief associated with this loss is one of the most painful emotions a person might ever encounter. Along with the intense emotions that accompany the death of a loved one, there are practical matters that must be addressed to ensure a smooth financial transition for the surviving family members.

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Insurance Guidance and Risk Management

Having the right insurance coverage is an important piece of your financial plan. RAA offers insurance guidance and risk management services to help you become better prepared for the unexpected or unavoidable.

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Retirement Planning Services

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Retirement Planning

One of the most common questions we hear from pilots as they reach the end of their career is: Am I ready to retire?

The answer to this question of retirement readiness is different for everyone, but we’ve been in this business long enough to know that the only way to truly determine if you are ready is to have a plan in place that looks at all the variables involved in your upcoming life in retirement, including your expenses, income, plan for your estate, and your overall goals and dreams.

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From the Left Seat to the Back Seat

Airline pilots and their spouses, like other retirees, undergo an adjustment process before, during and after retirement from their company. This booklet outlines nine issues that pilots and their spouses often encounter in the retirement process and some helpful tips.

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Medicare, Social Security, and Long-Term Care Guidance

Most people understand the purpose of Medicare, Social Security, and long-term care insurance, but many need help choosing the right course of action regarding these benefits. The reality is that these decisions can be complex, both because of the unique needs of your family and the difficulty in navigating the labyrinth of related government regulations.

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Distribution Planning

Many retirement accounts require you to take a portion of your savings out each year once you reach a certain age. How much should you take, and which strategies can you use to remain compliant with federal regulation while optimizing your growth trajectory?

RAA can help you answer these questions and optimize the required distributions from your accounts, so you have one less thing to worry about as you enjoy retirement.

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Tax Services

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Tax Planning and Return Preparation

There are various tax laws and regulations that must be taken into account to ensure you remain compliant and file your return accurately, and these regulations become even more complex for airline employees. To help you avoid the confusion and hassle of filing your taxes and navigating ever-changing regulations, RAA offers tax return preparation and guidance1 as part of our financial planning services.

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1RAA is not a CPA firm, meaning we cannot offer non-related tax services such as bookkeeping services, business financial statement preparation, nor auditing services.

Special Programs

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Generational Advice Program

Quite often, we are asked if we can help our clients’ children and grandchildren get their financial lives in order. The answer is always a very excited, “yes!” Having the opportunity to help the next generation reach their financial goals is truly at the core of what we do and why we are here. As a result, we are proud to offer you and your adult children/grandchildren access to the Generational Advice Program (GAP), which includes a risk tolerance assessment, investment allocation review, and several other relevant topics and services.

To learn more about this service or to get started with your adult children or grandchildren, contact your RAA advisor.