Survivor and Incapacitation Assistance

Your advisor should offer more than just investment advice, and this involves assisting with some of life’s most difficult moments.

The loss of a spouse or a parent can be an incredibly trying thing to face, and the grief associated with this loss is one of the most painful emotions a person might ever encounter. Along with the intense emotions that accompany the death of a loved one, there are practical matters that must be addressed to ensure a smooth financial transition for the surviving family members.

RAA has developed a Survivor and Incapacitation Assistance Program to provide our clients support in the event of a family member’s death, or in the case of incapacitation where you or your spouse are no longer able to make decisions regarding your family’s finances. Our crisis team, which consists of your Relationship Manager, your CPA, and estate planning attorney will be there to assist your family when they are least able to attend to the details.

While it is never easy to deal with the passing or incapacitation of a loved one, your team at RAA will ensure the surviving spouse and family members have trusted resources during this difficult time.

Request a Survivor Handbook

Our Survivor Handbook was designed to assist you during one of the most challenging times you may face after the passing of a loved one. While there is not an answer for every situation, we hope this handbook will assist you in getting organized, knowing who to contact for various issues, as well as provide you with basic educational information on this difficult topic.

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