Tax Services


There are various tax laws and regulations that must be taken into account within your plan, and these regulations can become even more complex as your career progresses and in retirement.

Our tax team has extensive experience in the tax industry and can prepare your annual tax return, as well as guide you through federal and state tax issues, estate tax consequences, navigating the many changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and more. We offer an individualized approach tailored to your unique tax and financial situation and will make sure that your return is filed accurately while utilizing any tax advantages available to you. We can also prepare business, trust, and partnership returns.


In addition to preparing your annual return, the tax team works closely with your advisor to create a complete tax plan to discover opportunities and plan for life’s future events, such as upgrades, retirement, changes in marital status, and many other considerations.

This level of collaboration creates a truly comprehensive view of your financial future, ensuring every possible tax strategy is utilized and that you are prepared for any changes in regulations, your career, or your goals.

1RAA is not a CPA firm, meaning we cannot offer non-related tax services such as bookkeeping services, business financial statement preparation, nor auditing services.