Security and Fraud Education (SaFE)

The almost constant advancements in technology have triggered a rapid rise in cybersecurity threats such as identity theft, hacking, and more. Because these threats can quickly jeopardize your financial security or that of your family, RAA has created a Security and Fraud Education (SaFE) resource to provide information to our clients and prospective clients on ways you can protect yourself against cybercrime, and what to do if you are a victim of a cyber-attack. 

Below you will find a collection of articles on topics including tax fraud and ways to protect yourself against identity theft. Please check back regularly for new articles!


Image of a stack of credit cards.

How to Prevent Credit Fraud and Identity Theft

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Image of a person typing on a laptop with an overlay of locks indicating cybersecurity.

What to Do If Your Computer Has Been Hacked

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Image of a person typing on a laptop while holding their reading glasses and a pen.

Actions to Take for Fraudulent Tax Return Filings

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Top view of woman walking in the street using her mobile phone with password screen with copyspace

How to Create Safe and Effective Passwords

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