Rick Barton

Airline Representative

Rick Barton is a Boeing 737 Check Airman at DFW and practices estate planning law. He previously served as an attorney for AMR Corporation, assisting in the Air Cal merger, MD-11 purchasing, and litigation involving computer reservation systems.

Rick is the former Mayor of Bedford, TX. He is also a retired Air Force officer, who served as a RF-4C pilot on active duty and in the Kentucky Air National Guard. He was a Check Airman for the DC-10, DC-9, A-300 and B-727 and a Captain for the B-767/757. He spent 10 years as a Judge Advocate for the Air Force Reserve, while working as an Air Force Admissions Liaison Officer. Rick received his B.S. in Engineering Management from the U.S. Air Force Academy, his Master of Science in Business Administration from UCLA, and his Juris Doctor in Law from Southern Methodist University. He was awarded the Mercantile National Bank Award upon graduation from SMU Law School as the top student in Estate Planning.