Jeff Egli

Airline Representative

Jeff joined RAA in 2017 and serves as a Pilot Representative. He is also a pilot for United Airlines. He graduated from aviation college in Hesston, KS, then moved to Houston, TX, where he was a flight instructor and corporate pilot before joining Britt Airways. Shortly after joining Britt Airways, Jeff was hired by Continental Airlines. He also continued to serve as a check airman for Britt for several years as a result of a management deferral program.

Jeff has flown the B-727, MD-80, B-757, B-767, and B-737 for Continental/United Airlines. He is active with the Professional Standards Committee.

Jeff and his wife Connie currently live on a ranch outside Cleveland, TX. They have three children, and a granddaughter. He and Connie are very involved at their church, and Jeff also coaches Trampoline for the WCC gym in Spring, TX.