Daniel E. Griffin

Airline Representative

Daniel Griffin is a Check Airman flying out of American’s Dallas/ Ft. Worth Airport. He joined American Airlines in 1995.

He held positions as Lead Check Airman for the Boeing 757 and 767 fleet and Aircrew Program Designee and Standardization Coordinator on both fleets. In 2009, Daniel coordinated and led the presentation for American Airlines Underwriters Insurance March review. Since 2005 Daniel has worked with pilots in training to optimize resources and maximize the productive assets of the Flight Department as Checkmate Representative. As a representative for the Flight ASAP Event Team since 1996 Daniel reviewed and coordinated safety actions for implementation into pilot training as well as being a Corrective Action Officer for FAA. Daniel is also a Senior Accountant Manager at WR Grace, DEWY & Almy, D.A. Stuart and Chemtool where he is responsible for sales, staff and product development.

In 2007, Daniel won American Airlines Employee of the Year, Flight Department Check Airman of the year and Flight Department Check Airman of the Quarter. From 1972 to 1979 Daniel was in the United States Navy as a pilot, Maintenance Officer, Operations Officer and Carrier Air Group LSO. Daniel earned his Bachelors of Administration in Economics from the College of Holy Cross. He received his Masters in Human Resource Management from Pepperdine University.