Bill Schratz

Airline Representative

Bill joined RAA as an Airline Representative in 2019. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA in Finance from Louisiana Tech University. After flying on active duty as an Instructor Pilot on KC-10s and T-37s, he flew C-9s in the AF Reserve. Bill completed a variety of non-flying assignments before retiring in 2010 with over 21 years of military service. He has been in the airline industry since 1999 as a DC-9 and B-737 First Officer at US Airways and a B-717 Standards Check Airman for AirTran Airways. He is currently a Southwest Airlines B-737 Captain based in Chicago.
Having been through the military to airline transition, an airline furlough, an airline acquisition, two seniority list integrations, and a medical leave of absence, Bill understands the turbulence associated with the airline profession. His passion is to help others realize that pilots’ financial planning futures are often too important to handle alone. RAA is an important part of Bill’s crew.