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Dexter Lamb

Financial Advisor

Dexter Lamb is a financial advisor in Allworth’s St. Louis, Missouri, office. Well known within the firm as an insatiable consumer of all facets of investing and finance, Dexter is a native of Holland, Michigan, and a graduate of Central Michigan University’s Entrepreneurship and Business school. A member of various committees and agencies within the firm, when asked about his dedication to investment planning, he said, “I have always been a keen numbers person and so I am the type of advisor who really enjoys solving complex problems and data analytics. The more I know about the overall financial situation of a client, the more I know I can help them reach their financial, investment, and retirement goals.” Married, and the father of three active boys, in his spare time Dexter focuses his energies on devouring the most up-to-the-minute financial news, analyzing foreign and domestic markets, and swimming, hiking, and backpacking with his family.